Thursday, 13 December 2007

Bad news for strippers

It is fair to say that the original decision to charge police stripogram Stuart Kennedy with possession of offensive weapons did not, after Sheriff Stewart acquitted Mr Kennedy last week (see earlier post), receive a sympathetic response in the media. Among the more entertaining of the various critical comments was the response of an anonymous retired constable in the Press and Journal. In his view, the case had “given the Grampian force a bad name” and he wondered whether the “the bosses of the two policewomen who questioned the Aberdeen stripogram were graduates in geography or economics or something else”.

Such criticism, however, has not deterred the Crown, which confirmed today that it has lodged an appeal against Sheriff Stewart’s decision. The full story is on the BBC News website.

P.S. Google Analytics has been counting the number of visits to this site since the 8th November. Between 3 and 4pm this afternoon, that number passed 1,000, which is very encouraging for a new site in a relatively "niche" area. Thanks for reading!


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