Wednesday, 14 November 2007

From bicycles to mannequins

Earlier today, Robert Stewart, who had the dubious distinction of being the subject of the first item on this blog, was sentenced to three years on probation for committing a breach of the peace by having sex with a bicycle in a hostel room. A report is available on the BBC News website.

As a postscript, it may be noted that judicial consideration of such activities is not peculiar to Scotland. Last week, in the case of State v Plenty Horse 2007 SD 114, the Supreme Court of South Dakota had to decide whether a man who had sex with a mannequin in an empty room (empty until the security guard entered, that is) was guilty of indecent exposure. The answer was no: those who want to know why can download a six-page PDF opinion from the South Dakota Unified Judicial System website.

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FS said...

The mind boggles as to what the drunken "misunderstanding" was...